Casa Grande Baptist Church
An Independent, Old-Fashioned Baptist Church (please see our Goals/Distinctives page)
P O Box 11883 (meeting at 2492 N. Trekell Road, a SBC building)
Casa Grande, AZ  85130-1883

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Bible Studies That May Be Of Help
Doctrinal (cults):
A Biblical Refutation of the Jehovah's Witnesses
The Doctrinal Dangers of the Charismatic Movement
Scriptures That Clearly Teach There is no Soul Sleep
The Pastor
Names of Jesus
Deity of Jesus Christ
Is The Bible Preserved?
Wonderful Word of God
The Purpose of the Local Church
Eternal Security of A Born-Again Christian
Why the Church Cannot Go Into the Tribulation
Jesus Christ's Introduction in the Old Testament
Gifts of the Holy Ghost (including Healing, Miracles, Prophecy, Tongues)
Proofs of the Bible (Apologetics) - also shows that the Bible was Scientifically ahead of it's time
Prayer and Fasting
14 Christ-Like Attitudes
How To Know the Will of God
Why You Should Be Baptized
Bible Study for New Christians
Music Principles From the Bible
How To Have Victory (Self Study)
How To Choose the Right Friends
List of Suggested Bible Verses To Memorize
Finances according to the Bible (including Tithing)
Why Have More Than One Church Service Per Week?
How to Receive Eternal Life and Grow As A New Christian
12 Common Worldly Philosophies To Be Avoided By Christians
38 Biblical Character Traits Every Christian is To Have (fruit of the Spirit) - part 1
38 Biblical Character Traits Every Christian is To Have (fruit of the Spirit) - part 2
Articles of Help
Thy Law Do I Love
Worship Is For Whom?
The Power of Gratitude
Jesus' Lesson on Prayer
Is The Bible Preserved?
God's Cure For Bitterness
The Importance of the Bible in Church
Are You Being Fed A Balanced Diet?
The Preeminence of Family in the Bible
How Can A Christian Choose the Right Friends?
The Discontented Soldier (why do you attend church?)
Is the Bible Just Another Book? (Why the Bible is Unique)
Are There Biblical Principles Which Govern Church Worship Music?
The Doctor's Office is Empty (why we assemble & why most Christians leave good churches)
A Critique of “God’s Word In Our Hands:  The Bible Preserved For Us”, James B. Williams, General Editor; Published by Ambassador Emerald International
Service Times:
Children and Adult Bible Study      9:30am
Morning Worship Service              10:30am
Evening Worship Service               6:30pm
Wednesday Evening Bible Study  7:00pm
Questions for Prospective Missionaries
Sermons by our Pastor and Guest Preachers
Casa Grande Baptist Church, an independent Baptist church, conservative, old-fashioned, fundamental, King James Baptist, KJV, hymns