Why the church cannot go into the tribulation:
by Pastor Shane Montgomery

1) Entire 70th week a time of God's wrath on the whole earth, Re 3:10, but it is Jewish (Da 9:24-27; 12:1; Je 30:6-7; Re 7:14; Re 12-the woman), the church was a mystery (Ep 3:1-6; Co 1:25-27) and did not exist during the first 69 weeks

2) The return of Jesus Christ is imminent for Christians (we're to watch for the Lord Himself, not signs):  Jn 14:2-3; 21:22; I Cor 1:7; 15:51-52; Php 3:20; Col 3:4; I Th 1:10; 5:6; I Ti 6:14; Tit 2:13; Jas 5:8; I Pe 3:3-4; I Jn 2:28; Rev 3:3, 10

3) II Th 2:3-9, the Holy Ghost, the Restrainer (the church has the Holy Ghost) must be taken out of the way before the tribulation can begin (the antichrist at the beginning of trib, Da 9:27)
- believers are "sealed" "unto the day of redemption", Ep 4:30; Ro 8:23

4) In Rev 4 and 5, the glorified church is with the Lord, therefore an interval 
- Rev 4:4, 10, believers (24 elders) have their crowns (which means the judgment of the church in Rom                             14:10; I Cor 3:10-16; and II Cor 5:9-10 already happened)
- Rev 5:8-9, those that've been redeemed by His blood are in heaven, acting as priests
- Rev 5:10, we "shall" reign on the earth
- the only church in the tribulation is the apostate church, Re 2:22; ch. 17 and 18
- Re 19:7-9, the marriage takes place before His return to earth

5) The church commanded to obey governments, I Pe 2:13-15; Tit 3:1; Rom 13:1-7, but government in Rev 13:4-18 will be run by Satan

6) The church promised deliverance from the tribulation
- the church epistles not written to prepare the church for the tribulation, therefore must not be going into it
- Jn 5:24, cannot come into condemnation; 
- Rev 3:10, keep from the hour of temptation
- I Th 5:1-10, God hath not appointed us to wrath, for we are not of darkness but of light
- I Th 1:9-10, delivered us from the wrath to come
- II Pe 2:4-9 and Ge 19:21-22,  Lot a type of the church delivered from judgment; 

7) The "body" must be taken as "one"; Rom 12:5; I Cor 11:26 (Lord's Supper a church ordinance, ends when He comes) 12:12-13; Eph 4:4