Proofs of the Bible

1) Science (I Ti 6:20)
Though the Bible is not a science book, it is scientifically sound and not ridiculous, as other books written during the same       time period (pre-scientific days).

Ge 1:1, Heaven created 1st. Taught to 1875 earth center of universe.
Ge 1:16, Sun bigger than moon, believed until 1600 that moon bigger.
Ge 15:5, Man has tried to number stars, but keeps finding more
Job 22:2, stars far away
Job 25:5, Moon reflected light, believed had its own until 1920.
Job 26:7, Earth suspended in space.  Only recently known and believed.
Job 26:7, Empty place in the north not found until 1000's years later.
Job 38:31, Pleiades is bound as a group, not known until recently
Job 38:32, The star Arcturus moves, was believed that it was stationary
Ps 148:4, water in space, found on moon in 1996
Is 40:22, The earth is round, verse written 1000 years before known.
Je 33:22, Not known until 1600 AD that stars could not be numbered
I Co 15:41, each star is different
1Co 15:52, Day and night at same time, not known until 1600's.(Lk 17:30-36)

Ge 2.7, man's composition same elements as common dust; Gen 3.19
Ge 3:18, Thorns/thistles to stay, have some of the best seed distribution.
Ge 3:20, all men came from the same DNA
Ge 6:3, man's lifespan not more than 120 years, average 70 or 80 years, Ps 90:10
Le 13:46, 57, quarantine of diseases
Lev 15:13, Running water more sanitary, not known until great plagues
Le 17:11, 14, Life of flesh in blood, discovered in 1615.
Job 37:7, Uniqueness of man's hand, fingerprints.  Recently found.
Ps 90:10, No country in world has ave. life expectance over 80 years.
Pr 6:6, Ants - her, only female seen above ground.
Pr 30:28, Spider - her, only female seen and spin web.
Ecc 7:13, Peanuts, grape and bean vines can't be made straight.
Je 17:11, Partridge uses some eggs as a base, they never all hatch.
Mt 13:8,23, 30,60,100 exactly how wheat seed yields grains (Mk 4:8,20)

II Sa 22:16, channels in the sea
Job 26:7, gravitation understood (holds earth in space).
Job 26:8, Condensation
Job 28:25, air has weight (air pressure)
Job 37:16, Clouds balanced by gravity and hot air
Job 38:16, springs in the seas
Job 38:19-20, light travels (moves)
Job 38:22, uniqueness of snowflakes, recently known
Ps 8:8; Is 43:16, ocean currents
Ps 103:12, E does not intersect W.  Not known until 1600's
Ecc 1:6, global wind circuits
Ecc 1:7, Evaporation, hydrologic cycle.  Recently known.
Je 17, Diamonds the hardest substance
He 11:3, things we see are made up of things we cannot see (atoms)

Le 15:13, Running water more sanitary, not known until great plagues
Job 38:35, telephones possible
Nah 2:4, possibility of autos
Zech 14:12; II Pe 3:10, Atomic war possible.
Re 11:9, People all over world watch something at same time - satellite TV

2) Origin/History/Design of the Bible
It's unique design:  40 authors (kings, priests, fishermen, shepherds, Pharisee, tax collector, soldier, scribe, butler) over           1600 years from different parts of world, written in 3 languages
- yet unified in thought.

It's claims to be from God without defending itself
"saith the LORD" 611 times in OT
"saith the Lord" 243 times in OT
total claims to be the words of God almost 4000 in OT
- it claims to have the answers by itself, Lu 16:31; Jn 20:31; II Th 2:12
- it claims to have power, Jer 23:29; He 4:12; I Pe 1:23

It's unique teachings about God (Is 6:1-3), man (Rom 3:10-12), the world (I Jn 2:15-17), sin (Ez 18:4; Rom 6:23),                eternal punishment (Lu 16; Rev 20), salvation (Rom 3:20, 24; Tit 3:5) are all different from all other writings

"Man could not have written it if he wanted to, and would not have written it if he could have, since it condemns                     him."
- it shows the sinfulness/weaknesses in man
- most other literature makes man look better than he is

Its survival through ages of persecution and attacks by critics, "There It Stands" poem
- Ps 12:6-7; Is 40:8; Mat 24:35; I Pe 1:25
- there are over 24,000 manuscripts; more proof of the events recorded in the Bible than anything else in history

It's circulation - it has sold more copies than any other book.
- see Guiness, pg. 160-

It's translation - translated into more languages than any other book.
- see Guiness, pg. 160-

It's influence on other literature - has had more influence on other literature than any other book.
- Shakespeare quoted it over 500 times
- quote from "Defence", pg. 32

It's structure, the Bible is put together dispensationally, rather than chronologically
- The book of Isaiah has 66 chapters, the number of books in the Bible, the 40th has a change, and predicts John                the Baptist
- Ps 118:8 middle verse, middle words are "the LORD"

If you're an intelligent person, you'll read the ONE book that has drawn more attention than ANY other. 

3) Archaeology continues to verify Biblical names, places, and events.
- over 5,000 places mentioned in the Bible have been found
- beyond the scope of this class, but much recorded in books on the subject

Gen 4:21-22, early use of metals.  Believed until 1933 discovery of blade made 2700 BC that earliest iron was 1200 BC

Gen 6 - 9 entire books written to show that there was a worldwide flood.

Gen 11:28-31, it was believed until 1922 that Ur didn't exist, but then found.

Gen 18 and 19, a southeast corner of Dead Sea, many relics found for cities between 2500 and 2000 BC with abrupt           ending at 2000 BC; the region has been desolate ever since

Gen 37:28, ancient writings confirm that the price paid for Joseph is accurate for the 18th century BC

Ex 5:7-19, bricks without straw
- Elemental Theology, Pg. 31 (top)

Josh 2:15, Jericho ruins show double walls with houses straddling them.

Josh 6:20, the walls of Jericho did fall outward.

II Sa 5:6-8, David conquering Jerusalem through the water system
- a "Ready Defence", pg. 94-96

I Ki 22:39, this house of ivory has been found.

II Ki 20:20; II Chr 32:3-4, Hezekiah's tunnel has been discovered running 1700 ft. through rock.

Lu 24:39-40, nailed hands and feet
- "Ready Defence", pg. 223

4) Prophecy
Gen 9:25-27, Canaan (blacks) serve others
Shem (Jews) have a special relation with Jehovah, and the Bible came through the Jews
Japheth, the enlarged races (whites/orientals)

Gen 16:11-12, the Arabs wild and against every man

Ex 17:14, the Amalekites to disappear (Num 24:20 - forever)

The Jew, read "Ready Defence", pg. 72-73

Deu 33:24, Asher dip his foot in oil
- the land allotted to this tribe has yielded oil (see clipping)

Is 13:19-22, Babylon to be utterly destroyed, even though it was 150 Sq. Miles with a 100 Ft. tall and 30 ft. thick wall        surrounding it.
- fulfilled 160 years later
- see "Most Christians Don't Know" pg. 7

Tyre:  Ez 26:1-14, Tyre, fulfilled to the letter 
- all the ruins to be covered by the sea;  it would be barren
- it would be a place to spread nets
- read "Most Christians Don't Know", pg. 8

Sidon:  Ez 28:22-23
- blood in the streets and a sword on every side.
- the city still stand today, but these other prophecies have happened
- read "Ready Defence", pg. 64

Egypt, Ez 29:14-15, while Egypt was great, was prophesied that it would become the "basest of kingdoms" (but not go         away).  It still exists, but it is base.

Prophecy that Israel would be a nation again (happened in 1948). Ez 36 and 37 (dry bones)

Amos 1:8, Philistines perish - there are no Philistines left.

Obad 18, Edomites disappear

Nah 1:8; Zeph 2:13, Nineveh to be destroyed, but had 100 ft. high wall and 1500 towers guarding it.
- 100 years later it was besieged for three years and with the help of a flooded river, it was destroyed.

Matt 11:20-24, 4 cities near or in the shores of the Sea of Galilee.  3 prophesied for destruction, one not.  (read "Ready         Defence", pg. 86)

Prophecies of Christ

What family He would descend from, David, Is 11:1; Jer 23:5 - Mat 1
- Judah, Ge 49:10 - Lu 3:30
- Jacob, Nu 24:17 - Lu 3:34

When He would be born, Dan 9:24-25 - Mat 2:16

Where He would be born, Mic 5:2 - Mt 2:4-6

How He would be born, of a virgin, Is 7:14 - Mat 1:23

His Name at birth, Is 7:14 - Mat 1:22-23

He would be called out of Egypt, Hos 11:1 - Mat 2:14-15

He would have a forerunner, Is 40:3; Mal 3:1 - Mat 3:3

He would begin His ministry in Galilee, Is 9:1-2 - Mat 4:13-16

He would have a ministry of miracles, Is 35:5-6 - Mat 11:3-5

He would ride into Jerusalem on a colt, Zec 9:9 - Mk 11:7-11

He would be sold for thirty pieces of silver, Zec 11:12 - Mt 27:9

He would be smitten, Is 50:6 - Mat 26:67

He would suffer and die for man's sins, Is 53:4-12 - Ro 5:8

He would be crucified, Ps 22:16; Zec 12:10 - Jn 20:27, Jews execution: stoning

He would be crucified with criminals, Is 53:12 - Mk 15:27-28

He would be given vinegar on the cross, Ps 69:21 - Mat 27:34

What he would say on the cross, Ps 22:1; 31:5 - Mat 27:46; Lu 23:46

None of His bones would be broken, Ps 34:20 - Jn 19:32-36

His garments would be parted, Ps 22:18 - Mat 27:35-36

What His price of betrayal would be, Zec 11:12 - Mat 26:15

He would be buried with the rich, Is 53:9 - Mat 27:57-60

He would resurrect, Ps 16:10; Is 26:19 - Mk 16:6-7

He would ascend, Ps 68:18 - Mk 16:19