Prospective Missionary Page

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.  It shouldn’t take any longer than a phone call, and it is much easier for me.

Please cut and paste the following into an email and send to me at:

with your answers included.

Questions for Prospective Missionaries:

Name (include web site if available):

Home Church and Pastor (include web site if available):

Your Contact Information:

Please email me a sermon you have preached in mp3 (or other digital) format.

1) Do you have any disagreement with any of the information on our doctrine page found at ?

2) Have you or your wife ever been divorced?

3) Is the King James Bible the only Bible for English-speaking people?

4) Will your church(es) use contemporary Christian music or southern gospel music?

5) Is repentance necessary for salvation?

6) If you visit our church, will you be visiting with your family?  
If not, why not.

7) How many churches do you typically visit per month during your deputation?

8) What percentage of your support has your home church committed to?

9) How many churches have you been in so far on your deputation?  

10) How many of the churches you have been in have taken you on for support?

11) In what states have you visited churches to raise support?  

12) What mission board are you with?

13) How many independent Baptist missionaries are in your field?

14) What are your goals?

15) When will you be in our area (when would you like to present your field in our church)?